Series Trust Services

A multiple-series trust is an open-end mutual fund authorized to create an unlimited number of series - or separate portfolios - within the trust. Portfolios in the trust enjoy a variety of benefits compared to stand-alone mutual funds.

Our Investment Managers Series Trusts provide a cost-effective means of operating a mutual fund.

Whether you have an existing fund or are planning to start one, our experts will help you capitalize on the benefits of participating in a series trust:

  • Cost-effective means to manage funds
    • Lower overhead due to sharing a board of trustees, CCO, fund officers, etc., at pre-negotiated rates
    • Lower asset break-even points than a stand-alone fund
  • Simplicity and convenience of having board of trustees, fund auditors, legal counsel and other service providers already in place
  • Fund maintains its own branding/identity
  • Allows advisors to focus on managing money and growing assets, while the trust's administrators coordinate service providers, handle board and CCO communication, and serve as trust secretary
  • Established board members bring experience and perspective across a diverse set of funds within the trust

Key Services 

  • Fund administration
  • Fund accounting
  • Transfer agency and investor services
  • Custody*
  • Distribution services**

Feedback from clients...

"Starting a '40 Act fund can be a tedious process that includes finding qualified administrators, fund accountants, transfer agency, counsel, and auditors, while coordinating various administrative aspects that go into running the fund. We didn't have the operational capabilities to coordinate the heavily regulated administrative processes to be able to take on all that was required to have our own set of funds. The series trust structure provided us an ease of entry into the business without the capital expense and expansive timetable.

"During our review and due diligence process, we found the capabilities UMB possessed exceeded those of the competition. Their depth, breadth and expertise made us very comfortable launching our solutions within the Investment Managers Series Trust (IMST). Communication across the IMST team is exceptional.  We don't have the same conversation multiple times; information flows across the team freely and quickly. All of the service providers are our partners involved in working together to support our mutual success."

 Peter Knipe, Vice President, Asset Management Solutions
Advisors Asset Management

"WCM was new to the '40 Act space when we launched in 2011. It was helpful to partner with a team that could support our firm as we grew in our understanding and knowledge of the space. We were looking for a straightforward, turnkey way to enter the mutual fund market and found the Investment Managers Series Trust to be the best option for us. We jumped into a pool without knowing how to swim and needed a lot of help figuring out how to navigate those waters. The support team we have through UMB and the IMST was available to us for every aspect of the '40 Act world. Our firm culture values relationships, and we continue to find value in the relationship we have built as well as our daily interactions with the IMST team. We are supported by a bench of experts who know us and our products."

David Brewer, Chief Compliance Officer
WCM Investment Management