ETF Services

The Investment Managers Series Trusts (Trusts) provide a cost-effective means of offering your investment strategy as an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). UMB Fund Services offers you an integrated solution by partnering with best-in-class service providers with the expertise and experience to bring your ETF to market.

Cost Effective.

Lower overhead and asset break-even points compared to a stand-alone fund structure when you share a board of trustees, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and fund counsel with other ETFs on the platform. Bundled services can be customized to provide the level of service your firm requires.

Experienced partners.

Clients benefit from the convenience of having fund auditors, legal counsel, CCO and other service providers already in place.

Administrative support.

The UMB model allows advisors to focus on managing money and growing assets, while the Trusts' administrators coordinate service providers, handle board and CCO communication and serve as secretary for the Trusts.